Month: August 2017

How many children’s hospitals are there in the United States?

Children need a different type of healthcare. They require more attention and medical services that treat exclusively pediatric ailments. It is for these reasons that children’s hospitals are crucial for the well-being of a balanced society. In the United States, there are over 220 hospitals that treat illnesses which affect individuals younger than 18 years old. The number of clinics and medical facilities in this sector is rapidly rising, and few of the 50 states have only one unit in their administration. What state have the most children’s hospitals? Texas is the second largest state in the US. Therefore,...

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How healthcare technology helped us win the battle against now-defunct treacherous ailments

Modern medicine has shaped the way the world looks today. It ‘s hard to imagine how the current society would look like if life expectancy were still stuck at 30-35 years. Thanks to the rapid advent of healthcare technology we no longer have to fear to die from minor illnesses or even epidemics. The 20th century will always remain in history as the time when scientists managed to win the battle against treacherous ailments. Here are some of the now-defunct diseases that used to kill entire populations in the past: Chicken Pox Varicella-zoster is a virus that affects humans...

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Best hospital websites in the world

When you are looking for hospitals in your area, you are interested in finding the one that offers the best medical services. Since you cannot visit every clinic just to test their facilities before even contacting a medical condition, you have to make your decision through other methods. The ideal way of picking the right hospital for you is to check the websites of all the clinics in your region. Here is a short guide that will help you determine where you want to treat a possible illness, regardless of the where you live in the world: What to...

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