Tips and Tricks for SEO Optimized Content Marketing Strategies

Although SEO is a great marketing channel, it can be challenging to get your content discovered by the search engines. This is especially problematic since most search engines are automated and the information can be highly targeted.

The way that search engines find new information is by constantly crawling and indexing websites and amassing massive arrays of information. They then determine the relevancy of this information in relation to search phrases to display the results when someone searches.

However, these search engines are limited in their ability to uncover the content most businesses want their prospects to see.

To help, SEO can be considered an additional marketing channel, particularly for businesses with vertical content such as blogs.

You’ll want to make sure your content is consistent across your key terms and category names, and the content that underpins your vertical marketing strategy should be consistent throughout your site.

This allows the search engine algorithms to crawl your website and build up a document (or index) that contextualizes your brand authority, helps your domain authority rank better, and drives more conversions.

If you’re a digital agency, it’s important to understand the opportunity search engines present to your clients and treat it like the gold mine that it is!

For example, if you’re an agency that offers SEO services, you might consider yourself first a digital marketing agency, but it’s important to maintain SEO as a part of your agency’s core mission. This overall strategy will help focus on raise the bar of your digital marketing work.

How To Evaluate Your Content’s Effectiveness In The Search Engines

You can measure your content in many ways, including:

Search volume

The number of searches for your content on Google every month. This is a great metric to use to determine relevance to a topic.

Searches per month

The number of times your website was shown in the SERPs every month over the last 12 months. This is a sign that you have established yourself as an authority in your niche market.

Organic traffic

Unless you are purposely trying to increase organic traffic, don’t worry too much about making mistakes with your content. Just keep creating content that provides your website visitors with value and that you can be proud of. When you are goal-oriented like this, the search engines will follow.

How To Measure Your SEO Performance

If you analyze your performance, you’ll see that you need to improve in several areas:

Keyword optimization

You’ll see that it is a very important task to understand the main topics your customers are interested in, as well as the value your content provides.

Again, it’s information that will help you determine whether you have the resources to make your content trustworthy.

Internal data

You’ll see that it’s way easier to understand the growth of your audience as compared to how your sales conversion rate is.

Live chat

You’ll see that live chat can be a very effective lead generation tool when it’s possible to be used. This will make it easier to learn about your audience and improve your strategies.

Customer questions

You’ll see that almost all of your customers have at least some questions they have about your products, services or brand.

In addition to questions regarding your products or services, you’ll also need to learn about who your target market is, what they want and need, and what they care about.

What’s more, this will make it easier to write your content with those keywords and questions that your customers are searching for. This will help your website rank higher than your competition.

Transparency and authenticity

Customer care and an overall authentic brand are the chief objectives of any company that creates highly successful websites and brands.

Any company that creates its websites, brands or web pages must make it easy for customers to find them. We would suggest even setting up PPC for your own brand and company name.

Even though companies can use analytics to improve their web site experience, they should understand the value of their data and make sure they keep it accessible.

Last Tips

As you are designing your next campaign, consider the ways in which people might interact with your brand, website, and content.

You’ll want to place people from your organization to conduct market research, in order to find out how your organization might relate to your target audience better.

This will help uncover some great ideas for new content and even possible new products and services you might want to offer to your prospects.

By focusing on great content and effective SEO strategies your website will rank highly in Google and your business will take off to new heights!

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