Children need a different type of healthcare. They require more attention and medical services that treat exclusively pediatric ailments. It is for these reasons that children’s hospitals are crucial for the well-being of a balanced society. In the United States, there are over 220 hospitals that treat illnesses which affect individuals younger than 18 years old. The number of clinics and medical facilities in this sector is rapidly rising, and few of the 50 states have only one unit in their administration.

What state have the most children’s hospitals?

Texas is the second largest state in the US. Therefore, it comes as no surprise why it has the biggest number of children’s hospitals in the country: 19. The former Mexican region is the home of major cities like Dallas, Austin, El Paso and Houston. Unfortunately, these towns are separated by long distances, a factor that weighs heavily in medical emergency cases.

When it comes to medical conditions that affect children, time is essential in healing the patients. Texas has a widespread network of kids’ clinics that can treat urgent cases as soon as possible. Almost every hospital for children in the state has medical helicopters and high-speed emergency vehicles that reduce the risk of infantile mortality.

How the community supports pediatric medicine

The medical field makes a clear difference between the treatments required by adults and the remedies needed by children. The later necessitate an exceptional environment, a higher level of monitoring and special care for their condition. Unfortunately, these facts escape public considerations and attracting the necessary funds to build and maintain more clinics for kids.

Thanks to the efforts of both governmental and nonprofit organizations, community awareness on infantile health have increased over the past few decades. It is considered that a children’s hospital spends on average $100 million per year to function properly. Nowadays, almost 20% of this sum comes from community donations, foundations, and individual sponsors.

Why are clinics for kids designed differently?

Children are fragile beings that need to be introduced to all aspects of life with care and precaution. For most of them, hospitals are related to the dangerous, frightening side of adult existence, for which they are not entirely prepared. This is the reason why the clinics for kids need to have a different design and an environment that makes children feel safe and protected.

Children’s hospitals have to be different from the medical facilities that treat adults only. Exposing your kid to the harsh world of injuries and fatalities that occur in regular hospitals can lead to lifelong traumas. In fact, many adults have a strong phobia for doctors because of the stress they have experienced in their childhood with improper medical services.

Why we need more pediatric doctors

The medical staff that attends to children needs more than a different specialization. They have to show a compassionate nature and a strong understanding of infantile psychology. Kids become very vulnerable once they suffer from an illness, so the medics who cure them have to ensure a safe and friendly environment around them. Pediatric doctors are essential for the proper development of our children and the future of our society.